Plastic Slider Stand Up Food Bags

Product Details

Product Description

1.Select high quality tasteless PE、PPE materials,safe and health,food-grade quality.

2.Strong and durable,high-end generous,easy display at the terminal.

3.Packing bag corner after reinforcement treatment, more bearing capacity than the general bag , more convenient to use outside.

4.Clean printing to ensure the benefit of product advertisement.

5.The slier zipper has most strong tightness,leak-proof makes it strong and durable,let your products get better protect.

6.Easy to tear zipper,has good heat seal function,soft ,high isolation function.

Place of Origin:

Shan Dong ,China

Item Name:

plastic retort food bag

Packaging Details:

Inner plastic film, cartons/boxes, pallets available as request, container(if ocean transport)


Multi-layer of Nylon, LDPE (various blends such as EVA, EVOH, linear),HDPE,PP (cast, OPP, BOPP,
MET),PET (clear, MET, PVDC, barrier), Foil, .etc


Strong sealing strength/good barrier/Able to be sterilized at 110°C to 121°C  for 25 to 30 minutes

Surface Handling:

Gravure / Flexo / Offset / Screen Printing.1-9 colors

Industrial Use:


Bag Type:

stand up, flat-bottom, side gusseted, bottom gusseted, gusseted, eight/8 sides sealed ,irregular
shape/irregular, square-bottom ,box bottom, three/3 sides sealed, back sealed, back centre sealed,
fin/lap sealed, quad sealed, w/o zip lock, spout, handle, patch handle, hanger hole, easy tear,
clear window



Minimum Order Quantity:

Depends on the size of bags

Delivery Time:

Shipment will be made within 20 days after received your deposit.

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability: