Plastic Retort Food Bags

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Product Description

1.It is a kind of compound plastic film bag which can be heated,it has the advantages of both can container and boiling water plastic bag.

2.It is not only storage at normal temperature has a long shelf life,but also convenient for transportation,storage,sales,very suitable for the consumption needs of modern society.

3.In order to meet the performance requirements of cooking bag, polyester film with high strength is selected for the outer layer of the structure, aluminum foil with shading and air tightness is selected for the middle layer and polypropylene film is selected for the inner layer.

4.Side sealing bag, bottom sealing bag, middle sealing bag, three side sealing.Qualified quality, advanced technology, exquisite workmanship, high customer satisfaction, rapid delivery.

5.Bag surface flat, no wrinkle, bubble, deformation, no separation, leakage phenomenon.

Place of Origin:

Shan Dong ,China

Item Name:

plastic zipper stand up handle food bag

Packaging Details:

Inner plastic film, cartons/boxes, pallets available as request,container (if ocean transport)


Multi-layer of LDPE (various blends such as EVA,EVOH,linear),HDPE,PP (cast,OPP,BOPP,MET),
PET (clear, MET, PVDC, barrier), Nylon,Foil, .etc


Strong sealing strength/good barrier/excellent printing surface

Surface Handling:

Flexo /Gravure / Offset / Screen Printing.1-9 colors

Industrial Use:


Bag Type:

stand up, quad sealed w/o breath hole, slider zip lock, air hole, pocket zip lock,bone zip lock,
handle, patch handle, hanger hole, easy tear, clear window



Minimum Order Quantity:

Depends on the size of bags

Delivery Time:

Shipment will be made within 20 days after received your deposit.

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Supply Ability: