Plastic Pocket Zipper Flat Bottom Pet Food Bags

Plastic Pocket Zipper Flat Bottom Pet Food Bags
Product Details

1.Food needs beautiful packaging,durable and beautiful are what we are all pursue,Packada Industry can add luster to your food.

2.Good outside packaging can be used in shopping mall,store,convenience store,exhibition and other places,excellent quality and reasonable price.

3.Packaging bags can make the goods easy to transport and store during the production process.

4.With the development of the times,packaging commodity has become more and more remarkable,it becomes a special product not attach to the commodity production,it is widely used and all commodity can not leave.

5.It can give play to the isolation of insect, dust, microorganism, light, fragrance and odour as well as the resistance to heat, cold and impact.

Place of Origin:

Shan Dong ,China

Item Name:

plastic pocket zipper flat bottom pet food bag

Packaging Details:

Inner plastic film, cartons/boxes, pallets available as request, container(if ocean transport)


Multi-layer of PP (cast, OPP, BOPP, MET), HDPE, PET (clear, MET, PVDC, barrier),
LDPE (various blends such as EVA, EVOH, linear), Nylon, Foil, .etc


Strong sealing strength/good barrier/excellent printing surface

Surface Handling:

Offset / Gravure / Flexo / Screen Printing.1-9 colors

Industrial Use:

Pet Food

Bag Type:

stand up, flat-bottom,eight/8 sides sealed square-bottom , blocked bottom
w/o breath hole, pocket zip lock, bone zip lock, handle, clear window



Minimum Order Quantity:

Depends on the size of bags

Delivery Time:

Shipment will be made within 20 days after received your deposit.

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:


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opening pocket zipper stand-up pet food bag