Transparent POF Film (HH-15-01)

Polyolefin 10 Micron Shrink Films Basic Info

Transparent POF Film is environment-friendly product, high transparency, low shrink temperature, toughness.
1) Type: Single wound/center folder/tubular
2) Environmentally friendly type 3-Layer co-extruded POF ( POF 3-C)
3) Thickness: 10-30μ M (12μ M\15μ M\19μ M\25μ M\30μ M )
4) Width: 100mm-1600mm
5) Length: As customer's requirements
6) Suitable for automatic or semi-automatic shrink pack machines

Transparent POF Film (HH-15-01).jpg

Transparent POF Film Performance:
1. Environmental protection with high quality.
2. High seal strength.
3. High shrinkage ratio.
4. Sealed packaging to prevent from ash and warm.
5. Lightness, toughness, flexibility and even thickness.
6. Endurable cold at low temperature.
7. Fine heat sealing performance.