The Development Trend Of Plastic Pallets

China's logistics industry is developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate over 15%. Experts predict that the next few years, China's logistics market annual growth 20%, new pallet usage will exceed 20 million pieces, "high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost" are the main features of logistics industry in the future. The plastic pallet manufacturing, which started late, is not only rare opportunities for development, but also a great challenge.

For a long time, China's logistics industry dominated by wooden tray, 90% per cent of total internal tray. But with the increasing environmental pressure, disabling wooden pallets of railway transportation regulations, Europe, America, Japan and other countries for imported wood packaging (including wooden pallets) close to demanding fumigation and quarantine requirements, has had great influence on wooden pallet needs. Some experts even assert that the next 5-10 years, wooden pallets, China market share fell from 90% to 50%. Is the surge in demand for logistics development in pulling the tray on one side and wooden pallets, a "major force" requirement of exhaustion, indicating that plastic pallets are facing enormous opportunities. Especially this century emerging wood pallets, both with plastic trays of former merits, and because the prices of only pure plastic pallet 2/3 favor, growth is very rapid.

Plastic pallet industry faces a huge opportunity, but at the same time, you should also see the healthy development of China pallet industry headwinds.