Plastics Market In The Short Term Or To Stabilise

Into mid-this month, because of worries about the eurozone debt crisis continues, the euro lower and the dollar strengthens, crude oil plunged, petrochemical stocks continued high. Continued weakness in the domestic economy, Shanghai composite index below the 2200. Plus the weak demand at home and abroad. All parties are formed on the plastics market down, plastic stock markets continue to fall, and plastic potential of the market plunge of the warehouse receipt, even new lows. Fortunately, after entering this week shows signs of market fundamentals, petrochemical stocks has also decreased on the formation of market price support, so whether the spot market or the warehouse market, plastics market rebound, but near the end of the marketing firm trading difficulties, limited trader confidence, sluggish overall market fundamentals are still in vulnerable States, recovery was limited. Expect short term market economy no good may, stability-oriented plastics market, warehouse receipt, or continue up