Pesticide Packaging Trends

With the development of economy, there is also growing attention to pesticide bags exquisite style, pesticide bags also became one of the hot topics, the development prospects of pesticide packaging and again what?

In recent years, with the development of market economy, pesticide packaging as the largest plastics applications in the areas, the pace of development has been more than cardboard and other packaging materials such as metal.

According to statistics displayed pesticide packaging bags occupy with commodity packaging total of 70%, and pesticide packaging bags among is to plastic packaging led, can in energy and resources emissions of process among up to very major of role, and in Qian years of global packaging material sales proportion among, pesticide packaging bags accounted for to has packaging industry of half above, such on can see in packaging market among plastic do occupy of share and development momentum, while is promoted has food, industry of progress, Which will in turn further stimulating market demand for plastics packaging industry, so it's a virtuous cycle, and pesticide packaging is to play a protective effect of various drugs, pesticide packaging is essential to human life, but also has a direct impact on human health because of substandard packaging.

Status of lower-end product line enterprises closed down short-term financing demand "plastic packaging companies do, the industry is very serious, and came back last year to now we have not received payment. Plans to expand its business this year, but the Bank financing is difficult. "Bags of pesticide enterprises in Shenzhen the main face of European and American markets, this year, as the European debt crisis spreads, bags of pesticide enterprises in Europe and the market order has gradually reduced, or even zero-order phenomena, coupled with monetary tightening, labor costs high, high raw material prices, blackouts and energy saving a series of constraints, pesticide packaging enterprises struggling for survival and development.