Pallet Level Is An Important Symbol Of Modern Logistics Development

In General, the tray has a country level is a measure of the total modernization of logistics operation in this country one of the signs. According to relevant information, United States tray has a total of about 1.5 billion to 2 billion, per capita 7-8; Japan pallet has a total of close to 1 billion 4-5 per capita; Korea domestic tray application and neighboring Japan are similar, with enormous amount, 1.1 per capita; Australia, Europe and other countries and regions of the pallet transport is also very widely used. Compared with foreign countries, pallet level disparities in China, according to the survey of industry organizations, by the end of 2002, my tray has conservatively estimated the total at about 500.07 billion. According to the statistics, even if increasing by 20 million pallets per year, until the end of 2004, China's total tray has also however about 100 million, less than 0.1 per capita.

From a usage view, the vast majority of our pallets do not form a smooth and reasonable working capital flow mechanism tray use limited only to warehouses and transport link between material handling, even in the logistics services business, pallet is limited to the internal turnover. Products from the manufacturers, distributors, retailer to the end user's supply chain process to replace the tray several times to transport and storage, through a series of switch trays, greatly reducing operational efficiency, added costs substantially. At present except that large scale, relatively advanced production management level of enterprises, general business materials handling fee of up to 40% per cent of the total cost of the product, it must be said and tray lower application levels closely in China.