Environmental Shrink Film Market Is Developing Rapidly

2012 film production was 8.436 million tons, an increase of 11.17% from provincial and municipal productivity, 2012 1 in December, film production in China's top three provinces of Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu, accounted for 30.87%, 16.17% and 11.19 respectively. Complete 2008 growth decline. 14.6% especially agricultural film growth, to increase since the new century with the highest high, show the city as investment promotion, science and technology of agricultural products production increased demand, agricultural plastic products play an important role in increasing yield and income for farmers, highlights the national macro-policies to support agricultural development effectiveness.

Plastic packaging product technology and modernization is a reflection of people's quality of life and the concrete manifestation of the level of development of the national economy. Hollow plastic containers, soft green shrink film, laminating film, plastic weaving, foam packaging products as the market changes and customer demands and constantly upgrade, gradual adjustment of industrial structure, product mix reasonable.

Plastic products increases every year since 2005 in the 23.83-31.51% between high speed development. By market segment and continuously open up new application fields achieved remarkable results, "the Eleven-Five" during the boom, and even during the financial crisis to a faster growth rate.