Development Of Plastic Food Bags

Plastic food bags in the packaging industry, flexible packaging in gorgeous color, rich functions, a variety of expressive force that become shelves for sale one of the leading packaging shapes. Plastic profession contribute significantly to the food, cosmetic and other professional development, which in turn further stimulating the need for flexible packaging market, so that flexible packaging careers unlimited market power. With the function of flexible packaging materials and processing skills to continue moving forward, flexible packaging in many areas are playing a more and more important figures.

Gravure printing soft packaging equipment business lessons, China only has a history of more than 10 years ago, on the basis of the introduction of equipment through, copying and the independent development of digestion and absorption, and over the years has made great progress. At present, China has been able to produce a print speed of 300 m/min, width 1000mm gravure printing machine, laminating machine, extrusion laminating machine, slitting machine and the speed bag at more than 100 parts/minute automatic bag making machine. At present, domestic equipment has now experienced in the skills, to go with plastic profession supply a lot, North of Shaanxi Province, Zhongshan idsund began an, light shanzhang, Shantou Hua Ying group of companies was completely dominated the domestic senior gravure printing soft packaging equipment market.

In recent years, consumers are increasingly seeking personalized decoration style, will advance the product design towards personalization, product direction, and this requires enterprises in product design and innovation to advance with the times, to cater to the modern consumer psychology and design. This paper by the Hanoi plastic packaging to provide you, our factory specializes in the production of plastic bags, food bags, vacuum bags and other packaging products. Cangzhou Hanoi plastic packaging company has many years of experience in plastic production, the company has passed ISO9001 and QS9000 international quality system certification, the technology is quite mature, has also been recognized by our clients over the years, we have been to "win the trust of confidence stems from a professional, quality" as the concept of "quality OK, customer first" credo. Food packaging bags are selling, planning, from packaging, food packaging design, to production, with each link delay.