2013 5 Development Of Packaging Industry In China

And packaging material reduction

In the increasingly fierce competition in the market, businesses often guaranteed profits by controlling costs, and reduce packaging costs are usually a major content for enterprises to reduce costs, but also to reduce packaging waste, the need to strengthen environmental protection. Therefore, foods FMCG packaging material such as thin and light weight has become a trend.

Second, material safety

With the improvement of material and spiritual civilizations, human health more seriously. Therefore, food companies are intensifying security control of their own products, packaging materials and health and functional security requirements become more stringent, has been gradually expanding the range of protective packaging materials.

Third, the high efficiency of production equipment

With the progress of science and technology, a variety of new products and new packaging equipment are emerging, fast moving consumer goods firms constantly improve the production concentration and the degree of automation, packaging equipment is large, fast, efficient, automated way. Therefore, as a packing material production enterprises must keep up with new trends, continue to provide customers with flexibility, production efficiency in materials.

Four, intelligent packaging materials

With increasingly rich material life, people's requirements for packaging is not only to protect the goods against damage, while also requiring its preservation, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-counterfeiting, extend shelf-life and many other features. New concept of packaging materials and packaging technologies.

Of five, novel structure

For enterprises, under the same price/performance, and what kind of product to attract consumers, what kind of products to let consumers buy long shrink films are of the opinion that these issues make the enterprise terminal display of similar products put forward higher requirements, lead directly on the sales packaging effort. Thus, in fast-moving consumer goods such as food industry, form, structure, innovative packaging have emerged.