Plastic bags to the knowledge

Plastic bags are in all walks of life in the process of selling their products, a frequently used packaging products. In particular, in the food industry, food plastic packaging plays an important role in its sales. We often visit the supermarket knows, all the bags of food are the basic plastic packaging bags, if you are the first contact with the plastic bag, then there are some things you must know in advance to avoid a series of troubles.

When plastic bags in the packaging of each product, need some concrete composite, and can be divided into the following categories:

1, nylon PA or NY: colorless, cold and heat-resistant and has a high degree of transparency, but also can be used for cooking. Drawback is that easy to absorb moisture, no heat sealing.

2, biaxially oriented polypropylene BOPP: transparency, tensile, cold, heat,-40-120 degrees

3, PET, polyester film: its heat-resistant 60-150, airtight good, has a strong resistance to tension, suitable for cooking, no heat sealing

4, cast polypropylene CPP: good gloss, transparency, heat sealing, high temperature cast film suitable retort packaging

5, polyethylene PE: transparent, good gloss, heat sealing, cold

Finally took a small type of plastic bag, for example, some small plastic products are suitable for food packaging, during the sales process, moisture, oxygen, high transparency features, the majority of consumers love.