Order to eliminate plastic bags of food packaging bomb

Plastic bag was so rampant in the market today, not only in the vegetable and fruit stalls you can found this white plastic, in some deli, also known as customers convenient shopping method. Some members of the public will find that after installing your cooked food in plastic bags, often with a pungent odor, this bag is definitely not food packaging bags made, if you are using the plastic bags containing food, people will certainly have a very big hazard!

And food packaging bags made of different simple plastic bag is generally in the past by individuals or family workshops making, a blow molding machine and a washing machine can produce all kinds of plastic bags. After completing the simple plastic bag manufacturers in high volume production, with garbage bags to various businesses on behalf of, in the name of food sold to consumers, end, trash bags used as food bags to use.

Food packaging bags-made does not occur and past problems of plastic bags, formerly of thin plastic bags is generally divided into two kinds: one is not toxic, made from polyethylene, polypropylene and key raw materials such as ammonia; the other is toxic, made from polyvinyl chloride, and now on the market of PVC plastic bags. When consumers in their daily shopping, encountered color plastic bag to remember never to food.