Analysis on the four characteristics of shrink film packaging

In the packaging industry, shrink film packaging can be said has great potential, in the future market, the public has a great demand on product packaging, mainly through shrink-wrapped products are not only elegant and save packaging costs, also for promotional package, also has a sealed, dust-proof, moisture-proof and burglar. Has the following four features:

1, and domestic of contraction film packaging General are is draw abroad of advanced technology, through unique of innovation, on products for automatically collection, and finishing, and stack layer, and package film hot contraction, to overcome has domestic similar machine easy jitter brings of stack loaded not stability, and easy card machine, and on thin small volume of small box products not adapted, insufficient, widened has the machine in packaging field in the of adapted range and capacity.

2 technical threshold, shrink film packaging needs than the ordinary package is relatively good, General parts international famous shrink film company production, stable and reliable operation of equipment, in the relevant trades of customers.

3, can run on its own complete packaging in small boxes can also be joined with a front end set, back-end joined with a packing machine, do not need to add a special mechanical device.

4, packaged products, the appearance of smooth, wrapped tightly tied, welding firm.

Of course, shrink film packaging wants to stand in the packaging industry, shrink film packaging not only these four points, so shrink film packaging industry is still a long way to go.